Carving wood, crafting wonders

Welcome y’all to JJAK Creations! Come on down and check out them handcrafted wood beauties and other nifty creations. We’re mighty pleased to have ya here on our website!

A real hankerin’ for woodworking and more!

Created by Jeremy Garcia in San Antonio, Texas.


When a good ol’ woodworker gets their hands on lumber, it turns into practical art, sharing stories of skill, dedication, and good ol’ pride.


Messin’ around with vinyl brings some extra flair and personal touch to every project. Cutouts and stickin’ it on various surfaces – it’s a hoot!


Now, laser-etched glass ain’t just fancy tech stuff; it’s like mixin’ the modern with art. Adds a touch of class to them glass surfaces with precision like you wouldn’t believe!

Tailor-made, just the way you like it!

We can customize every project to your specifications. Let’s chat (254) 681-5343 and discuss what’s possible.

“Jeremy listened to me and created exactly what I wanted.”

Ednalyn C. De Dios

Data Scientist, U.S. Navy Veteran